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Markus has deleted my profile twice now for no reason.He sent me tokens one day and I think because I didn't use them I was bumped off.Any search for the site's logging in issues uncovers complaints on review boards going back as far as 2013 (one, on Microsoft Community/Microsoft Answers has been viewed by 161,000 people since then), which suggests they really don't care about a technology platform that clearly has problems; and care even less about users (the site can't be described as free as they're more than happy to bombard you with revenue-earning advertising banners and links to their other websites, but have so little respect for users, the password reset link they give on the website doesn't do anything). No reply to emails, matches are mostly over 100 miles away despite my profile stating 50 miles. I don’t even think there is an algorithm in this site. So unless I had access to a private helicopter, boat or airplane, these matches were a 150 mile drive away.I received ‘its a match’ but site does not allow me to message the person! Feel cheated after paying for 3 months and should be refunded for the inept service, quite obviously just looking for profit with no service or communication. claim they are looking for a relationship then say they only was sex in a message? they allow people out of spite to report your profile and it gets deleted after two people report you, even if they are lying, two so called men reported my profile and state it in a message to me because I wouldn't reply to their advances for sex? POF does nothing to the abusive users, I guess that's how the scammers keep going on that site.

I think paying for one of the other sites such as match will be an improvement over POFOn another occasion I purchased a membership and then felt I made a mistake and asked for a refund within 24 hours. I filled out a profile, with a well thought out bio, also including I work, have my own home and car, pay my own bills etc, nice photos.Although I gave negative feedback I had done absolutely nothing wrong.POF seems to have more than its fair share of people with issues and problems...bunny boilers, psychos, neurotics, social mistfits, narcissists etc Maybe I was just unlucky but I won't be using that site again and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.then you have clearly overweight individuals who describe themselves as athletic build? Why are these sites saying how good they are on tv and it could be your match for life?So false tried other dating sites not impressed all the same!

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POF Free Online Dating Site is a free app for the Android that brings Android device users a quick access to the world’s largest dating site, Plenty Of Fish.

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